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Extra Wide Carbon Fibre Front Splitter Kit
Extra Wide Carbon Fibre Front Splitter Kit
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Manufacturer: Carbon Mods
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Model: Universal
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Product Description

Designed specifically to be fitted to wider high performance road-going cars such as Porsche, Ultima, Ferrari and similar,our Extra Wide Front Splitter Kit is a very effective aerodynamic enhancement for your vehicle which can considerably increase front downforce and reduce drag by smoothing the airflow around and under your front spoiler.

Front splitters of this variety have their roots in touring car, DTM and GT use but there is no reason why the same aerodynamic benefits cannot be gained by a wide variety of high performance road-cars.

How is the splitter universal?

Because of the huge range of OEM and aftermarket front bumpers/spoilers that are on the road, even across one car model, we provide our front splitter oversize and include all necessary tools and instructions to cut it to the perfect size to match the profile of any front spoiler.

Technical details

The splitter itself is a sheet of ultra-lightweight, high performance carbon fibre sandwich panel. To provide the required stiffness at the lightest weight possible, the splitter uses a combination of genuine 2/2 twill 3k carbon fibre, Airex and E-Glass vacuum pressed to create an exceptionally rigid panel.

Supporting the splitter at the front are high performance adjustable stainless steel tie-bars with omni-direction fixings allowing them to be fitted at almost any angle.

Kit contents
  • 1 x Carbon fibre front splitter sandwich panel
  • 2 x Stainless steel adjustable tie-bars with omni-directional fixings
  • 8 x Stainless steel bolts and Nyloc nuts.
  • 4 x High performance Rawl bolts.
  • 2.5m black edging strip
  • 2 x Carbon Mods badge
Cutting and Fitting the Universal Front Splitter

Cutting and fitting the front splitter to a professional standard should be achievable using only the following basic tools:

  • Electric Drill
  • Hacksaw Blade
  • Production Paper
  • Tape Measure
  • Scribe (or sharp object like a nail)
  • Superglue
  • Allen Key

Full fitting instructions, including colour photographs, are included with the kit and will be downloadable from this website soon.

Simplified Fitting Instructions

Basically, the splitter is installed as follows:

  1. Use the cardboard packaging that the splitter kit comes in to create a cutting template for the splitter by positioning it under your front bumper and following the bumper line with a pen to copy it onto the cardboard.
  2. Cut out the cardboard template and offer it up to the vehicle, adjusting as necessary.
  3. Position the template on the splitter blank (the uncut carbon fibre panel) and scribe round it onto the panel.
  4. Cut the panel with a hacksaw and then smooth the edges with production paper. Finish the front edge of the splitter by gluing the edging strip to it.
  5. Position the splitter under the front bumper, secure with clamps then drill the rear fixing points and fix using the supplied bolts and washers.
  6. Decide on the best position for the front tie-bars then mark and drill the top fixing points. The Rawl bolts, included, mean that you don't need to be able to access the rear of the bumper to fix the tie bars (useful if your intercooler pipe-work obstructs).
  7. Align and drill the lower mounting points into the splitter panel and screw the tie-bars to the splitter.
  8. Change the angle of your splitter using the adjustment on the tie-bars.
Choosing the Right Size

Due to the high cost of carbon fibre, we offer our universal splitter kit in three sizes. The size relates to the depth of the splitter panel blank. Knowing which size you will need for your car is very easy.

Use a tape measure to measure the depth of your front spoiler from the front of the curve to the back of the side returns. Add approx 70mm to that measurement and buy the smallest blank that you can get away with.

All blanks measure 1950mm wide which is wide enough even for the track of supercars such as Porsches, Ferraris and Ultimas (shown pictured). The blank is available in 2 depths; 495mm, 595mm and 995mm deep. Choose the size you need from the drop-down list above.

Safety Disclaimer

As with any modification to your vehicle, installation of the universal front splitter should be done by a competent installer in compliance with prevailing road safety legislation in your country/region. If in doubt, consult a local vehicle body-shop.

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Extra Wide Carbon Fibre Front Splitter Kit
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Extra Wide Carbon Fibre Front Splitter Kit
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Extra Wide Carbon Fibre Front Splitter Kit
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Extra Wide Carbon Fibre Front Splitter Kit
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